Weld On Metric Fittings

Aeroflow SKU: AF996-M14SS

$19.95 NZD

Tax included

M14 x 1.5
M10 x 1.0
M16 x 1.5

Weld On Metric Fittings

Party Number: AF996-M10 to AF996-M16

Available in Aluminium, Steel CS1030 and 316 Stainless.  (Available on order if not listed)

The Aeroflow Performance line of premium quality weld-in bungs are CNC machined from solid aluminium billet (6061), CS1030 steel or 316 Stainless Steel.  These metric weld on fittings have a machined flat surface for the perfect washer seal. Applications include, but are not limited to: oil or fuel tanks, radiators, valve covers, manifolds and rear axle housings. It is perfect for all your fabrication requirements in any project you dream of.