Universal Oil Cooler Line Kit

Aeroflow SKU: AF30-4000

$475.50 NZD

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Aeroflow Universal Oil Cooler Line Kit

Part Number: AF30-4000

3m Braided Hose, universal oil filter sandwich plate

Kit Includes:

3 metre 450 series hose.
2 x 90° -10AN fittings.
2 x straight -10AN fittings.
4 x ORB fittings.
1 x Billet Adapter.
1 x O-Ring (65-71mm).
2 x 1/8" Port Plugs
5 x Thread inserts: M18 x1.5, M20 x1.5, M22 x1.5, 3/4" x16, 13/16" x16
Aeroflow's Universal Oil Cooler adapter and line kit has been designed for the ultimate in high performance and reliability. This Oil Cooler line kit offers our black light weight 450 series hose and our 550 one piece fittings. The universal sandwich plate not only allows the user to install an oil cooler but also offers 2 x 1/8 NPT ports for auxiliary inputs. This kit is a simple fix to all install problems. Fits most makes and model - Holden, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Honda & BMW.