Universal Breather Tank

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Universal Breather Tank

Part Number: AF77-2015

Available in Polished & Black. (Available on order if not listed)

1.1 litre / 37oz capacity, accepts 1-3/8" breather & -10 ORB hose fitting
Aeroflow's 1.1L / 37oz Universal fabricated aluminium breather tanks are skillfully built. They come in either highly polished or gloss black anodised finish with an integral mounting bracket. The tank is baffled and features -12 ORB to suit all size lines when used with an appropriate adapter.
The top barb takes an 1-3/8" breather and is removable leaving a -16 ORB for custom plumbing. At the base we have a billet valve that can be remotely plumbed as an oil salvage or remote drain. When the need for a larger tank is required for CAMS approval Aeroflow also offer the 3L tank AF77-2005 / AF77-2005BLK.