Universal Breather Tank / Catch Can - 3 litre

Aeroflow SKU: AF77-2005BLK

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Part number: AF77-2005BLK

Universal Breather Tank / Catch Can

3 litre, 120mm W x 120mm D x 250mm H, Black finish.

Aeroflow's new 3 litre/101oz Universal Fabricated Breather tanks are skilfully built. They come either highly polished or in a black anodised finish with an integral mounting bracket. The tank is baffled and comes with 2 x female -12 ORB to suit all size lines. The top barb takes an 1-3/8" (34.92mm) breather and is removable leaving a female -16 ORB for custom plumbing. They meet CAMS requirements and also have a billet valve on the base to ensure easy drainage. With a 1/8" NPT thread on the base they can also be plumbed back as an oil salvage or remote drain.

Width: 4-3/4"
Depth: 4-3/4"
Height: 9-27/32"