Universal Alloy Radiator

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Aeroflow Universal Alloy Radiator

Part Number: AF77-2050 to AF77-2063

Available for Ford & GM, Dual and single pass. (Available on order if not listed)

Aeroflow Performance line of universal aluminium radiators makes it easy for budget-minded car builders to get a professional quality aluminium radiator. Constructed from aluminium, we braze the radiator assembly which minimizes metal fatigue and allows for maximum durability and performance.
The double-pass design flows the coolant twice, once through the top half of the radiator then again in the bottom half of the radiator. This allows the coolant longer time in the airflow and lowering your coolant temperatures by 10-20 degrees compared to the single pass design. This makes it great street and race applications. Dual pass design radiators will have the inlet and outlets on the same side.
These universal radiators are not made for any one specific car and will require modifications to fit your application. All radiators do not have any mounting brackets, this means you can easily adapt our radiator to any application.

Mounting Bungs 5/16”-18 x 4

Radiator Hose Inlet Size - 1.5” (38mm)
Radiator Hose Inlet (upper) Location - Australian Drivers side

Radiator Hose Outlet Size - 1.75” (44mm)
Radiator Hose Outlet (lower) Location - Australian Drivers side
Suits Large 44mm Radiator Cap (sold separatley)

Check Instructions for further dimensions.

Instructions AF77-2056