Toyota 2JZ-GTE Billet EFI Fuel Rail

Aeroflow SKU: AF64-2259BLK

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Toyota 2JZ-GTE Billet EFI Fuel Rail
Suit 14mm Full Length Fuel Injectors, -8ORB Ports

Party Number: AF64-2259BLK

The Aeroflow Performance 2JZ fuel rail is designed to suit all Toyota 2JZ-GTE engines both the VVTi and non-VVTi models. Proper fuel delivery is arguably one of the most critical components for those looking to make all the power they can safely. The 2JZ OEM fuel rails are incredibly restrictive and impede the fuel delivery to the injectors under high fuel pressures. This is problematic for high power 2J engine builds where having consistent fuel pressure is absolutely necessary. Manufactured with a large 18mm internal bore, this fuel rail can support all necessary engine power requirements, especially with three -8ORB ports fitted along the fuel rail. The kit includes 2 different sets of mounting feet allowing various height fuel injectors to be used. Designed to suit 14mm fuel injectors and available in either black or silver anodised.