Torque Converter Bolts

Aeroflow Performance Parts SKU: AF37-2476

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Aeroflow Torque Converter Bolts

Part Number: AF37-2475 to AF37-2478

Aeroflow Performance torque converter bolts are used to mount the converter to the flex plate when installing your transmission. These bolts can weaken over time and could lead to shearing off leading to expensive converter and transmission damage.

These bolts and nuts are manufactured from aircraft quality 8740 high tensile strength chromoly steel and cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity within the stud. Meaning these are rated up to 190,000 psi making them stronger than Grade 8 and OEM fasteners. All bolts feature a 12-point head and hardened parallel washers for an even load distribution and accurate torque readings.

We recommend the use of Loctite 262 or similar so they won’t come loose over time. These bolts should be torqued down to each manufacturer’s specifications.

Kit Contains

3 x 12 Point Bolts
17.80mm Under Head Length
17.50mm Head Diameter.
7/16”-20 thread.

3 x 12 Point Nuts
18.85mm Outside Diameter
10.80mm Overall Height.
3.20mm Collar Height
7/16”-20 thread.

3 x Flat Washers
17.15mm Outside Diameter
11.30mm Inside Diameter
1.55mm Thickness.