Low Pressure In-Line Electric Fuel Pump

Aeroflow SKU: AF49-1067

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Aeroflow Low Pressure In-Line Electric Fuel Pump

Part Number: AF49-1067 (Super Low Pressure) & AF49-1068 (Low Pressure)

These Super low-pressure fuel pumps from Aeroflow Performance are self-priming and generate good suction lift which makes them great for carburettors systems and a lift pump for EFI systems. Their small size makes them great for fitting to tight locations. They are compatible with standard diesel, ethanol and unleaded fuel systems. Featuring solid state reliability with no electrical contacts or bearings or diaphragms to wear out or fatigue over time. With the added external metal body, you can be sure that this fuel pump will stand the test of time. 1/8"NPT inlet/outlet ports. 5/16" barb fitting supplied. 100micron fuel filter supplied.
Dimensions: Length-86mm, Width-65mm, Height-61mm

AF49-1067: 1.5-4PSI adjustable. 25GPH free flow.  (Super Low Pressure)
AF49-1068: 4-7PSI adjustable. 35GPH free flow.     (Low Pressure)