Stainless Steel Full Donut

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Stainless Steel Full Donut

Part Numbers: AF9511-1750 to AF9511-4000

Centre Spacing - 40mm (1-9/16”)  (Welded on outside only)
Wall Thickness - 1.50mm (1/16”)
Radius - 1:1

Aeroflow Performance range of 304 stainless steel donuts are perfect for custom fabrication, especially where tight bends are required such as exhausts or engine manifolds. Simply cut the shape you want out of the donut, position and weld. These donuts are perfectly formed, so your finished products flow properly, regardless of orientation. Our stainless-steel donuts may also be used with range of stainless-steel bends to efficiently fabricate challenging projects. These joints will not corrode or rust like coated or painted steel pipes. High quality, contaminant free stainless produces clean weld beads, for a show quality welding job!

Tech Tip: To weld 304 stainless steel to 304 stainless steel, use of a 308 stainless steel filler rod is recommended. When welding mild steel to 304 stainless steel use of a 309 stainless steel filler rod is recommended.