Silicone Z Bend Heater Hose

Aeroflow Performance Parts SKU: AF9240-050

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13mm 1/2"
16mm 5/8"
10mm 3/8"
19mm 3/4"

Aeroflow Z Bend Silicone Hose

Aeroflow Universal Z Bend Silicone Hose can be configured into the various forms demanded by today's complicated and cramped engine bays. They can also be used in many industrial applications. These flexible hoses feature a 90-degree bend and a 135-degree bend ensuring multi-fit applications.

- Constructed from a 3 Ply Nomex hose
- Excellent ply adhesion from the inner core to the outer layers.
- Bright gloss finish
- Not recommended for use with oil and fuel.
- Weather resistance to: harsh sunlight, dry conditions and rain water.
- Working temperature -60 to +180 Celsius (-75 to +350 Fahrenheit).