Pipe Beading Tool

Aeroflow SKU: AF98-2019

$43.50 NZD

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5/16" beader suits 5.77mm (7/32") I.D.pipe
3/8" beader suits 7.45mm (19/64") I.D.pipe
1/2" beader suits 10.47mm (13/32") I.D.pipe

Aeroflow Pipe Beading Tool (Small Bore)

Part number: AF98-2019 to AF98-2021

The Aeroflow Performance hand held pipe beading tool is a great tool to attach your hose with no leaks. They produce a properly positioned and perfectly radiused bead on aluminium tubing. Especially when it comes to making custom fuel lines and wanting to keep the hose from slipping off. They are crafted from heat treated steel and great for beading 7.94mm (5/16”), 9.52mm (3/8”) and 12.7mm (1/2”) pipe. Simply insert the tool inside the tubing and start turning the tool slowly to create a bead.

Note: Tool is designed for beading pipe gradually. Do Not over tighten on first stage, tighten gradually to increase bead in multiple stages. Ensure to deblur the hardline before inserting tool into pipe. Must use appropriate lubrication when using this beading tool.