Oil Pan Pick-Ups

Aeroflow SKU: AF82-2408

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Oil Pan Pick-Ups 

Part numbers: AF82-2021 to AF82-2409

Oil Pan Pick-Up Suit Holdens, Nissans, Mitsubishi and Subaru

Aeroflow Performance oil pickups are engineered for maximum flow and long-term durability. Designed to keep the oil where it is required, even under the most demanding racing conditions, these pickups help keep your motor bathed with a healthy supply of oil. Each pickup is designed to fit Aeroflow Performance oil pans and may be used with other manufacturers' pans depending on the sump design. Each oil pick up is precision bent and welded to create a one-piece free form bend for unrestricted flow. Each pick up features a wire mesh screen welded to the pickup box which traps debris without restricting oil flow.

AF82-2408 - Aeroflow have developed an oil pick up tube support brace to suit the GM LS family of engines that keeps your pick-up tube in place for no oil leaks or cavitation issues due to pick up movement. The factory oil pick-up tube is only held in place with 1 small tab that is commonly found to cause oil pressure issues with movement. Eliminate this by using Aeroflow's pick-up tube support brace that utilises an existing un-used bolt hole to evenly clamp the pick-up tube from both sides.