Inner Support Spring for 100, 400 & 450 Series Hose -6AN

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Inner Support Spring for 100, 400 & 450 Series Hose
1.2 Metre (3ft.) Length

Part Numbers: AF450-06-SUPP to AF450-20-SUPP

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One of the most extreme applications for a hose is when being used in vacuum applications. It is particularly important that you select the correct hose for your application. Great care should be taken in setting up and handling of hoses used in vacuum applications, free-flowing bends are preferred to tight radius and where possible vacuum hoses should be kept away from major heat sources. If a hose is installed with a radius tighter than the minimumbend radius or if a hose has been damaged and/or kinked, the tight radius and/or the damaged/kinked area will be a weak point creating a potential restriction and the ability to correctly operate with vacuum will be reduced. For tight radius bends and high vacuum applications, an inner coil support spring must be used.

Recommended for use with all Aeroflow hose. A Support Spring is recommended for suction applications or when very tight bends must be made. Made from Stainless Steel.