GM LS Twin Turbo Manifolds

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GM LS Twin Turbo Manifolds

Part Number: AF8200-2000

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GM LS twin turbo steampipe manifolds.
Sold as a pair.
Forward facing 2.5" V-Bands welded on each end.

Aeroflow Performance steampipe turbo manifolds are a series of pipes that collect exiting exhaust gases which can be channeled into our merge collector which are perfectly matched to our Boosted range of turbochargers. Our merge collector design allows all pipes to enter at the exact same angle, and merge together at a point in the middle, pointing straight into the turbine. No pipes enter across each other, so airflow is not disrupted, meaning a perfect balance between boost control and flow. With minimal back pressure where the manifold meets the turbo, you can be sure that you're getting the best flow possible from our turbo manifold.

Aeroflow turbo manifolds are finished to the highest of standards, constructed from thick wall 3mm mandrel bent steam pipe with CNC Machined header and turbo flanges. Each flange is milled after welding to ensure precise surface finish. These manifolds are supplied with a short wastegate starter pipe designed to allow the fabricator to choose the size of the wastegate required, and the position the wastegate sits in.Each manifold is finished with a black enamel coated finish that withstands high temperature exhaust that has proven to withstand excessive heat. We do recommend to have this manifold either wrapped with exhaust wrap or ceramic coated to ensure protection for external accessories and reduce under bonnet temperatures.

The Aeroflow Performance turbo manifolds are available to suit many makes and models along with different flange and wastegate sizes available.

Turbo Manifold Width (Mounting Face of Flange to Furthest Point of Log Manifold) - 90mm
Turbo Manifold Length (Face of V-Band to End of Log Manifold) - 410mm
Turbo Manifold Height (Bottom Log to Top of Header Flange) - 160mm
Tube Runner Diameter - 47.30mm
Log Manifold Runner - 60.70mm