Heat Barrier

Aeroflow SKU: AF91-4000

$44.50 NZD

Tax included

38.1mm (1.5") x 4.5mm (15ft)
305mm (12") x 305mm (12")
305mm (12") x 610mm (24")
610mm (24") x 915mm (36")
610mm (24") x 1220mm (48")
159mm (6.25") x 660mm (26")

Aeroflow Flexible Self Adhesive Heat Barrier

Part number: AF91-4000 to AF91-4005  38.1mm x 4.5m  to 159mm to 660mm

Aeroflow's adhesive backed barrier has the same high quality features as the flexible heat barrier with the added adhesive back allowing neat and easy installation. Flexible adhesive backed barrier can only be applied one way adhesive side down. Withstands 2000°F / 1100°C radiant heat and 1200°F / 650°C direct heat, can be trimmed to fit then simply peel and stick.