Fabricated Radiator Overflow Tank

Aeroflow SKU: AF77-1015

$195.95 NZD

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Fabricated Radiator Overflow Tank

Part Number: AF77-1015

Available in Black & Polished

Aeroflow's fabricated overflow tanks come with our Billet 2" cap and hold 800ml/27oz of fluid. These professionally constructed tanks come either highly polished or in a black anodized finish. Our tanks are compatible with both recovery and non-recovery cooling systems.

This tank also comes with two -4AN O-ring to 3/8" (9.52mm) barb fittings pre-installed.

To plumb up this tank one fitting on tank should go to the radiator neck spout. The other barb will be attached to long tube that is mounted inside the overflow tank. This is an extra barb that is designed if the tank gets too full it needs to empty so pressure is not built up inside. Ensure to plumb this barb away from moving components or extreme heat sources to avoid any damages or accidents.