E85 265 LPH Hi-Flow In-Tank Pump 70 GPH

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E85 265 LPH Hi-Flow In-Tank Pump
70 GPH (265 LPH) @ 40 Psi Suit Audi & VW

Part Number: AF49-1047

Introducing the new Aeroflow Performance 265 LPH Hi-flow in-tank efi fuel pump. For such a compact and small design this fuel pump is capable of flowing 70 GPH (265 LPH) @ 40 Psi. With such a small and compact design it will fit in O.E.M modern European fuel tanks such as the Audi and VW that are all-wheel-drive configurations.

The external design on the outlet end cap which is compact and a 90 degree angle barb allows this pump to fit into the all-wheel-drive tanks. No wiring is needed when fitting this pump as the connector matches factory wiring in Audi and VW.

It is compatible with all fuels such as pump fuel and E85. Horsepower capabilities? This fuel pump can support over 500hp on pump fuel with just one single fuel pump.