Driveshaft Hoop

Aeroflow SKU: AF72-1006

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Heavy Duty Drive Shaft Safety Loop / Driveshaft Hoop

Part Number: AF72-1006

Mounting leg length is extra long to allow you to cut off the section you require as top plates.

Universal driveshaft loops help contain the driveshaft in the event of a front U-joint failure.  Bolt together design allows for easy installation and modification if needed, to fit most vehicles.  Comes with washers and bolts.  

This universal driveshaft loop is specifically designed to allow you to modify, cut or weld to fit your specific vehicle. Please choose wisely because this is a non-refundable item.

Meets LVVTA standards. (Vehicles with multi-section driveshafts may require two or more loops.)  

Approx Measurements:

Metal thickness:  1/4"/6.35mm thickness, 2"/50.8mm width. 

Internal loop width: approx 115mm

Long length of mounting bracket: 260mm

Short length of mounting bracket: 130mm