Closed Air Intake System

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152.4mm (6")
203.2mm (8")

Closed Air Intake System

Part number: AF2341-3000 and AF2341-3001

This universal closed cold air intake system is genuine carbon fibre it has a removable and washable 4 layer cotton element. Suitable for forced induction, naturally aspirated, 4x4, off-road, street and racing applications. It comes in two different air box lengths 152.4mm (6") and 203.2mm (8").

Part Box Dimensions Filter Length Filter width Tube length Tube I.D
AF2341-3000 152.4mm  (6")

133mm (5-1/4") 

150mm (5-7/8")

1m 77mm (3")
AF2341-3001 203.2mm  (8") 160mm  (6-5/8") 150mm (5-7/8") 1m 77mm (3")