Metallic Catalytic Converter

Aeroflow SKU: AF9586-2500

$153.50 NZD

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(2-1/2") 63.5mm slip fit
(3") 76.2mm slip fit
3-1/2" (88mm)
4" (102mm)

Metallic Catalytic Converter Slip Fit

Part Numbers:  AF9586-2500 to AF9586-4000

Available in 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2", 4"  (AF9586-2500  2-1/2" is temporarily out of stock.  It may be purchased knowing it is on back order)

Aeroflow's universal cat converter is a metallic substrate material encased in a full brushed 304 stainless steel round body Designed for performance exhaust systems theses Hi-flow 50 cells per inch honey comb converters are very low restriction so they don't loose horsepower.

Overall Length = 190mm
Overall Body Diameter= 101.6mm

Any vehicle first registered in NZ on or after 1st May 2010 will legally require a catalytic converter. Any car fitted with a catalytic converter should also have an O2 sensor fitted into the exhaust system just forward of the converter.