Brushless Electric Water Pump

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Brushless Electric Water Pump

Part Number: AF49-1051 and AF49-1052

The Aeroflow Performance brushless electric water pump is designed for universal fitment to compliment or replace a vehicles existing mechanical belt-driven water pump. This brushless design is a magnetically driven with no brushes to ever wear out, which means that no shaft sealing is required. 

Approx Pump Diamentions:
Overall Height: 96mm
Pump Diameter: 60mm
Overall Length: 123mm
Mounting Bolt Centre: 77mm

Pump Specs:
Voltage: DC12V
Voltage Range: 10V - 16V
Withstanding Voltage: 20V
Current: 5.6A +/- 10%
Max. Power: 67.2 W 108 W
Water Temp: 10 - 105°C
Ambient Temp: 10 - 85°C
Storage Temp: 10 - 85°C
Pump body material: PA66 +30% GF/Aluminium
Noise Level: <40dB
Controller: Built in
Weight: approx 800g

                                    AF49-5051             AF49-5052
Flow Rate:                     2500LPH                2800 LPH
Pressure:                       8M                        7M
Inlet & Outlet Diameter:  22mm                   27mm

Warning: DO NOT RUN DRY! Warranty will be void if the pump is run without fluid.