Universal Single Air/Oil Catch Can

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Aeroflow Billet Universal Single Air / Oil Separator - Catch Can

Part number: AF64-4363

Skyline, Silvia, Laurel, Cefiro R30, R31, R32, R33, R34, S13, S14, S15, C32, C33, C34, C35, A31

Diameter 63.5mm  (2-1/2")  Depth 82mm (3-7/32")  Height  146mm  (5-3/4")

The Aeroflow performance billet universal air / oil separator has been designed to protect your modern diesel & petrol engines by reducing the amount of oil vapour entering the crankcase. With many modern diesel engines having a EGR system where the combination of oil vapour and exhaust particles build up to the point of blocking the intake manifold and intake ports that is very common in direct injection engines. It features stainless steel reusable and cleanable filter mesh, a built in billet dipstick, two -10AN ports and one -4AN which can be utilised for a drain. It comes in the single version or the dual version which is essentially two single catch cans mounted to a one-piece universal mounting bracket. Available in polished or black.