Barb to AN Flare Adapters

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5/16" (7.93mm) to -6
5/16" (7.93mm) to -6
3/8" ( 9.52mm) to -6
5/16" (7.93mm) to -8
3/8" (9.52mm) to -8
15mm to -8

Barb to AN Flare Adapters

Part numbers: AF741-06-05 to AF741-12-12

Available in Black, Silver and Blue.  (Available on order if not listed)

No welding… no clamps… no hassle with this unique O-ring design. This revolutionary fitting allows you to convert any barb, plastic or metal, over to the ever-popular range of AN style fittings in our inventory. Sizes range from 5/16" to 3/4" Barb. Which accommodates a variety of electrical, oil, and fuel pumps.

1. Undo the fitting and lay it out. Then slide the base of the fitting over the barb.
2. Lube up the O-ring thoroughly with an appropriate lubricant. Carefully not to tear, slide the O-ring over the barb’s edges. The O-ring must seat against the lowest barb edge.
3. Whilst holding the bottom half of the fitting to ensure the O-ring does not move from its seated position. Slide the top half over the barb and tighten.

Do not over tighten! Only a snug fit is required till the fitting does not slide up or down.

Submerging the O-ring in hot water for a few minutes before assembly can make it easier to slide over the barb without tearing the O-ring.