90° ORB Male Swivel PTFE Hose End

Aeroflow SKU: AF583-06-06DBLK

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-6 to -6
-10 to -10

90° ORB Male Swivel PTFE Hose End

Part Numbers: AF583-06-06 to AF583-12-12

Available in Black, Silver and Blue. (Available on line if not listed)

Aeroflow Performance male adaptor PTFE style hose ends are now designed to allow the Teflon® hose end to be threaded directly into a female port without the extra cost and complication of an adapter fitting. The purpose designed olive compresses into the PTFE inner tube for easy, leak free assembly and with the 90° mandrel angle eliminates sharp changes in direction for optimum flow. Available in the standard three colours of Blue/Red, Silver and Black with available sizes from -6 ORB to -12 ORB.