67° Silicone Hose Elbow

Aeroflow SKU: AF9208-275

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70mm (2-3/4")
101mm (4")

Aeroflow 67° Silicone Hose Elbow

Part Number: AF9208-200 to AF9208-400

Available in Black or Blue Finish. (Available on order if not listed)

A premium quality silicone hose for the Performance Automotive Industry, Transport Industry and Industrial applications. 

  • 4-59/64" (125mm) Leg
  • 5 ply
  • Working temperature -60°C to 180°C ( -75°F to 350°F)
  • Excellent ply adhesion from the inner core to the outer layers
  • Weather resistance to: harsh sunlight, dry conditions and rain water
  • Great retail packaging for easy display and product protection
  • Not recommended for use with oil and fuel

Note: Leg sizes are approximate and may vary.