Turbo Oil Drain Adapter With O-Ring Seal.

  • $48.95

Turbo Oil Drain Adapter With O-Ring Seal.

Part Number: AF463-10

-12 AN Male with 38-44mm hole centres to suit turbos with 38mm bolt centres on core. 

This selection of turbo drains options available from Aeroflow Performance will allow a large range custom plumbing application. For sufficient drainage of oil for both bearing styles of turbochargers a -10AN or 5/8” hose is ideal. The oil outlet should follow the direction of gravity +/-45° when installed in the vehicle on level ground. It is recommended to avoid kinks or beyond 90-degree bends in the oil drain line and draining into the sump below. With heat surrounding the manifold and turbocharger a heat shield or sleeve is a great idea to prolong the life of the hose.

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