Buna N Rubber O-Rings

Buna N Rubber O-Rings

  • $4.95

Buna N Rubber O-Rings,  10 pack,  use with Unleaded, Alcohol and Ethanol fuels

Part number: AF174-03 to AF174-20  Sizes in table below

Replacement BUNA N O-rings are compatible with most fuels (unleaded, alcohol and ethanol), hydraulic fluids, and lubricants up to a temperature limit of 135°C.

 Part Number Inside Diameter   Outside Diameter
 AF174-03   7mm (19/64")    11mm (7/16") 
AF174-04 9mm (23/64")  13mm (1/2")
AF174-06 12mm (15/32")   16mm (5/8") 
AF174-08 17mm (21/32")   21mm (13/16") 
AF174-10 19mm (3/4")   24mm (15/16") 
AF174-12 24mm (15/16")  29mm (1-9/64") 
AF174-16 29mm (1-9/64")  35mm (1-3/8") 
AF174-20   39mm (1-9/16") 43mm (1-11/16") 

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