Universal power steering fluid

Universal power steering fluid

  • $11.50

Brad Penn Universal Power Steering Fluid is a mineral-based fluid blended with high- quality PENN-GRADE base oils and a premium additive system to provide excellent performance and protection in both domestic and select foreign vehicle power steering systems.

Brad Penn Universal Power Steering Fluid provides outstanding antiwear protection to critical moving parts in today’s modern “rack and pinion” power assisted steering systems. It also provides excellent low temperature fluidity, as well as outstanding resistance to rust, corrosion, oxidation, and foaming. Additionally, this product imparts proper seal swell properties and offers a unique friction modifier to minimize pump squeal.

Recommended for hydraulic steering systems of domestic and select foreign automobiles. This product is suitable for use in power steering applications for most automobile manufacturers, including Ford M2C128D, GM (Saginaw), and Chrysler. It should not be used in certain power steering applications where specialized and/or synthetic fluids are required. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for proper lubricant selection.

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